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The Moto G anniversary gift treasure hunt

It was my tenth anniversary and the wife being a conservative lady made it difficult for me to choose her a phone of her choice - she wanted a dual sim phone, running android, with what’s app support and small screen size and I wanted it to be a google device and probably with upgrades to kit kat operating system. I bought the Moto G device in Kuala Lumpur for about 765 RM totaling close to about 15+k INR. When my wife went out with the kids, I somehow sneaked it in. This was a device that suited her requirement.

I had exactly one hour and I had to setup the whole thing before my wife was back and make it look like nothing has happened at all. The whole treasure hunt was setup in a flash of an hour’s time and the clues were hidden everywhere possible to make this more interesting. Would you like to know how the game went on ? Look below

The clue strips stuck on a mirror to start the show read thus

Hey We’ve completed 10 years together and you thought I’d let you go without a surprise? Shall we start ?


Rip the sheet and you found the clues :

Clue #1 : A getaway along the salty waters refreshes your mind, body, soul and mouth.


A little bit of thought and she was able to guess this one - a bar of Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape chocolate kept in the fridge. Down she ran all the way from first floor and found the next clue in the fridge


Clue #2 : The rather long story of squeezing a sugar confectionery better be short

No matter how long she could not guage this one and it stumped her. i had to push her forward with more smaller clues and after a while she realized that it meant - Candy Crush Saga. Off she ran to the first floor again in search of the iPad after holding the record for playing that game the maximum amount of times at home.

There she came across the next clue.


Clue #3 : You’ve always lived life with a simple uncouth unsophisticated RUSTIC guy.

No matter what, she again could not decipher this even though the word RUSTIC was clearly written in capitals. After egging her on a bit more and narrowing down to what I wear she realized the answer. And the next clue was to be found on my T-Shirt


Clue #4 : When thou shalt encounter the Merlion the bell shalt ring

She definitely zeroed in on this one much faster and down she ran again to the ground floor to fetch the bell, a momento from Singapore where the next clue was to be found.



Clue #5 : I hope you don’t feel like the lady who had a tragic affair with Count Vronsky

Pat came the reply again that it meant Anna Karenina the lady whose married life fate was written as a bestseller by Leo Tolstoy. She also knew she was reading that on the Kindle. But then the mind went awry. She started looking for a book on the Kindle for the next clue not being able to find anything anywhere else on it.

It took a while to expose the brilliance of the next secret clue - something written with charcoal pencil right on the body of the Kindle itself


Clue #6 : Life is a book of activities. We finish 10 pages today. The magic square shall spill the secret.

Fairly easy enough to guess after both our kids have tortured us so much with this famous book, she turned to page 10 on the book of 500 activities. The magic square gave the next easy clue.


Clue #7 : Abracadabra ! and the Rabbit’s out of the magician’s hat

Again the clue was an easy one which led her straight to the magician’s hat.


Clue #8 : OOPS !! Its a frog and its LEAPing really high

This one stumped her though she had seen the toy over and over again in the house. Egging her on a bit more and she managed to understand. The next place to go to was to the LEAP FROG educational toy our kids play with.



Clue #9 : A boat, a car, a Bridge and a train, a little more taller and I’ll ride a plane

She got a bit stuck up on this one as well but I managed to push her forward until she found the next clue on a custom made height chart we ordered for our kids.


Clue #10 : An Anniversary is a revisit to those shared special moments its a time to rekindle emotions of fresh romance Every relationship is fragile and so is your GIFT. You need to handle both the same way - with lot of care.

She almost went blank on this one. She thought her gift for her anniversary is ME :-) oh how sweet. She also said maybe she needs to give me a hug. She didn’t get the point. The exact clue, the exact fonts, the exact words everything pointed to one thing and one thing alone - our 5th Anniversary photograph kept high up with a set of portraits.



When she took the photograph out, and held it in her hand, there she found the 10th Anniversary gift, gleaming in the room light.

The MOTO G was her’s to keep along with the sweet smile on her face :-)


What seemed like just yet another anniversary was spruced up so differently in just one hour of time. I hope you enjoyed the treasure hunt dear wifey, as much as i liked creating it for you

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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