Posts Moving towards perfection on the job

Moving towards perfection on the job

As juniors in the industry you might have wondered what makes some people look smarter than the rest. Or perhaps why some people are in a commanding position as leaders while others are not. This discussion does not count in people who grow to higher levels using their opportunistic attitude (by this I mean making right moves at the right time to grow along the heirarchy). This article instead discusses on how to get noticed around in your team and what qualities would make you progress while you are at your job.

Two important elements that should be present in every engineer in this industry is Passion and Proactiveness. Why are these two elements absolutely essential? Upon careful thought you would probably come to understand that while Passion towards certain types of work is fuelled within you, Proactiveness is a means of organizing that passion in you. Passion is the burning desire within you to do something you like. It might be something related to your work, or even simple things like singing a song! If this passion is not organized within you, you would not be able to channelize your energy properly. This leads to situations where you do work that goes a waste, or which does not yield the expected results. When you harness this passion properly, it goes a long way in working towards a goal-based, result-oriented output.

For an early adopter of this scheme, it is essential that proactiveness is also put into place to harness this passion. Proactiveness is about you sticking to your own deadlines. When you are clear what is to be done and you stick to that schedule, the passion is fulfilled automatically. Proactiveness could be achieved by setting goals for yourself on a yearly basis, or on a monthly or weekly basis too. On a more granular basis, this could even be on a daily basis to make you more and more perfect. So the first step towards enjoying your work is having a passion in what you do or want to do. The next step is to bring in proactiveness in whatever you do, thereby organizing your passion.

When these two things are in place, your everyday work becomes enjoyable and rewarding both in terms of knowledge and monetary benefits! And you are all the more noticed within your team. The attitude spreads like fire and brings about an interesting set of like minded people to do wonderful work!

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