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Digital Set Top Fundamentals Whitepaper

I found this interesting paper by B.Sundareshan on the open architecture and interoperability issues concerning a Digital Set Top Box. Though I was expecting to read specifically about these topics, the paper also covers a general overview of what an STB is made of and what in essence defines an STB in a very simplistic manner. I have tried to contact the author, but could not succeed because his contact details are missing in the document. I am producing the same whitepaper here for educational purposes and would gladly credit the author for his work.

Digital Set Top Box by geeksrik

(sourced from : here )

It is worth noting that the paper talks about the following:

  1. Types of data transmission
  2. Modulation techniques for these transmissions
  3. Open architecture and interoperability across networks
  4. Major components of a typical STB
  5. Interactivity using modems/cable modems on STBs
  6. Front ends and switchable front ends
  7. CA modules with EMM and ECMs
  8. Kernel and Loader applications for over the air downloads
  9. Drivers and middleware (subscriber applications)
  10. EPG
  11. Enhanced and Interactive mode TV applications
  12. MHP reference model running on Java JVM
  13. Internet access using STBs and MHP
  14. Open Cable Digital STB architecture
  15. Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP)
  16. You must read this paper completely if you don’t want to miss out on important elements of an STB architecture.
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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